Wood Garage Doors


Solid wood garage doors sales installation Cape CodIf you live in a historic district, or just love the look of wood, wood Garage Doors by Rick Mignone can help you attain the look you want.

We provide both Masonite products and natural wood garage doors. While we carry high-quality stock doors in many styles and sizes, we can also have anything you envision custom made. This can be an important consideration if you live in a town’s historic district. Be sure you understand local building codes before committing to any exterior remodel project, including replacing garage doors.

As well as many styles of Masonite garage doors, there are also a great many natural wood choices. These include paint and stain grades of cedar, mahogany and fir. Wood garage doors require paint or stain and regular maintenance to look their best and ward off rot. Typically, wood garage doors require the same maintenance as your home’s exterior trim. With proper care, they are beautiful and durable.

We are familiar with the qualities of the various wood species that can be used for garage doors and how to work with them. We know their ability to hold paint or stain, so can let you know how frequently they will need repainting or restaining. When you choose Garage Doors by Rick Mignone for your wood garage doors you will be satisfied not only with their appearance and installation, you will also have been given the knowledge you need to properly care for your wooden doors to keep them beautiful for years to come.