Vinyl Garage Doors


Wareham Plymouth vinyl garage doors sales installtion repair MALike composite garage doors, vinyl garage doors resist dents. Vinyl garage doors are constructed with a vinyl interior and exterior “skin” supported by stamped steel internal support structure similar in construction to a steel garage door.

They are considerably more expensive than steel garage doors, but vinyl garage doors are not as prone to dent or rust as steel. An active family can be hard on garage doors, especially metal ones. Basketballs, tennis balls and hockey pucks are unlikely to damage a vinyl garage doors exterior skin.

Our coastal winters will also take a toll on Cape Cod homes’ exteriors. Metal garage doors can begin to rust with time, especially if they have been dented or even scratched, and it is relatively easy for them to be dented or scratched. Since vinyl does not rust, it adds a great layer of protection for the more damageable steel frame underneath it.

Vinyl garage doors, as well as their much heavier composite counterparts, can withstand more abuse than garage doors made of steel, without looking any the worse for wear.

Whatever your garage door needs, Garage Doors by Rick Mignone can help you decide what type of garage door will work best to meet your needs while suiting your taste. During your free consultation at your home or business, we will discuss all of your options and help you choose the type and style of garage door in the size you need. From your first call to completion of your installation, we will keep you informed and in the loop. We are committed to personal service and stand by our NO SURPRISES pricing policy.

If you have an active family, a vinyl garage door may be the best choice for you.