Metal Garage Doors

Cheap metal garage doors Presented here are photos of three of the most popular basic designs of the metal garage doors we sell and install for our customers.

There are more styles you can choose from even if you want to stay at the basic price level.

When I come to your home or business for your free consultation and estimate, I’ll gladly show you all the options available to you.

Basic Garage Doors

Basic garage doors do not have windows, and are therefore offered at the lowest cost to the homeowner. Starting at $949.00 for a standard-size, single-car door, fully installed, these metal garage doors are a great value. Do not think that a small budget leaves you with limited options. There are many styles to choose from even at the basic price level.

Metal garage door sales installation Cape Cod Plymouth MAStarting at $949.00 for a standard size, single car door, they are a great value.


Because they are truly “Premium” garage doors.

What makes a garage door Premium?

Our Premium garage doors truly are premium.

When we say “Premium” we mean they are finished with maintenance-free steel, both inside and out. They also have a high-value R-12 or R-16 polyurethane insulating core instead of the more common Styrofoam core. A polyurethane-core door is much stronger than a Styrofoam-core door, and it is twice as energy efficient.

good quality basic garage doors metalWhen we call our metal doors “Premium” we also mean that all their hardware, including hinges, cables, tracks and springs are the most heavy-duty in the industry.

Finally, when we say this line of metal doors is “Premium,” we are also saying they are a great value. When you shop around, you will see that our prices for stronger, more energy-efficient polyurethane-core doors are the same price, or cost even less, than our competitors’ Styrofoam-core doors.

So for all your garage door needs contact us today. We’ll be glad to give you a free accurate estimate.