Garage Door Repair


A garage door repair that we perform can include any of the services below:


If your garage door does not look or perform like it used to, but you do not want or need to replace it, Garage Doors by Rick Mignone provides the best possible garage door repair services.

We offer solutions to all types of common problems that garage doors may develop as time goes by.

Torsion Springs

It is not uncommon for extension and torsion springs to wear out after years of use. We can replace broken springs, both extension springs and torsion springs. WARNING: If you need to access or remove the header over the garage opening DO NOT ATTEMPT to unscrew the tracks and torsion springs from the header. Click here if you want to see a “really lucky” result at a homeowner’s attempt.

Garage Door Cables

It may be possible to open your garage door manually if the cable breaks, but we can get your door back in working order in no time.

Garage Door Hardware

Hinges, rollers, locks, handles, decorative hardware and more. If we do not have it, you probably do not need it.

Dented Panels

Steel and aluminum doors can get dented and scratched. We can replace any damaged section.

Rotted Garage Door Panels

Wood and Masonite doors can rot, especially if they have not been properly maintained. We can replace sections of wood doors, too.

Garage Door Openers

We have sold, serviced and repaired most every brand of electric garage door openers and radio controls.

If it makes sense to fix it, we can get it done!


To help you avoid problems before they happen, we also offer safety inspections and maintenance. If any moving part of your garage door breaks, your car could be stuck in your garage behind a door that will not open without professional help.

Inspection. We inspect all the moving parts of your garage door including springs, rollers, hinges, and cables, for excessive wear. We also provide an overall assessment of your entire system’s condition and alert you to potential problems.

Lube. Our inspection includes complete lubrication to keep all parts of your garage door moving smoothly.

Tune. We also include any necessary adjustments to your electric door openers and radio controls.

For $75.00 you get a complete safety inspection, tune and lube unless you decide to go ahead with a garage door repair that might be necessary. If we find a problem that you decide to have repaired, we will not give you an estimate but will tell you exactly what the job will cost – it’s our NO SURPRISES policy. Our customers appreciate the preventive service approach of our inspection, tune and lube service and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their system will not let them down.

So contact us today to schedule your garage door repair or tune up.